Boomers — The President of the Divided States
Ladies & Gentlemen, the President of the Divided States...

By Bruce Bressack

In the interest of disclosure, I hereby declare that I am a 'Democrat-Republican-Liberal-Conservative-Independent'.

This "firm belief system" has enabled me to be an equal-opportunity, political-party-basher.  When I vent, I vent about the sins of all the parties......and, right now, I'm in "venting-heaven".

Why, you say? Because "they" are at it again, doing their best to misinform and divide the American people.

You can already see it --- Kerry's "Bring It On" mantra is being counter-punched by Bush's psalm, "He's more liberal than Ted Kennedy".

Heavy, important stuff, right?

Hardly.  But trust me, it will soon degrade into a "bloody, gladiator-like, threw 'em to the lions, spectacle".

You'd think that the President of the United States - son of 'George the 1st', and the man who so "aptly" took over his father's business - would be able to 'take the high road'.

But, unfortunately (for the nation), he's being drawn into a half-witted battle of slogans and sound bites by the nominee of the Democratic Party.

Clearly, the 'rhetoric-slinging' diminishes the presidency (and our nation).  It serves no useful purpose, other than to stir up animosities between the "Red States" and the "Blue States".

Sadly, the election will come down to who had the "best" spin control, and the most memorable commercials and debate zingers.

"With any luck, however, both Bush and Kerry will be looking for a new job in November", he said (in a mostly nonpartisan manner).

Here's an idea.  Maybe they can "fill-in" for Jerry Springer when he's on vacation!

óBruce Bressack


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