Boomers New Year, Happy?
New Year, Happy?

By Bruce Bressack

The New Year is here.  Are you happy yet?

If not, here's a sure fire way to feel better about yourself -

First, dust off last year's resolutions...

Then, white-out 2004...

Then, ink-in 2005.

It's OK, everyone does it!  It's perfectly legal [in most states that start with a "Z"].

I don't know about you, but I fell a "Wee Bit Short" in 2004. [No short jokes, please]!

Here's some examples:

I didn't win the lottery. [Guess that's to be expected, since I never bought a lottery ticket].

Sony Music didn't offer me a recording contract . [Might have helped if I actually submitted my music to Sony].

I wasn't able to communicate with the "dearly or recently departed". [I did, however, read John Edward's book called, 'You Can Definitely Fool All The People, All Of The Time'.

I didn't get taller. [But, on the other hand, I didn't get shorter either].

I didn't get smarter. [But, on the other hand, I didn't get shorter either.

Since my 2004 goals fell short, I have created a mini-list of "excruciatingly-unachievable", yet "painfully-practical", resolutions for 2005.

I won't use four-letter words anymore......except when hit with a hammer (or other large, or sharp, objects).

I will be positive, calm, and mature......except when I don't get my way.

I will be taller, smarter, and richer......except when I'm awake.

Enjoy the New Year, and may you always maintain your "sense of humor" and "love for life".

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