Boomers — Kerry Wins By Two! Ooopppsss!


Kerry Wins By Two! Ooopppsss!

By Bruce Bressack

Today is November 1, 2004. Tomorrow is Election Day. Can you say "President Kerry"?

Rest assured, I've been wrong before, but you can "take this prediction to the bank" - Kerry will win the presidency by two points!

Why? One "simple reason" - Iraq, Iraq, Iraq!

It was really all over the day that Bush guaranteed the American people that he would "stay the course in Iraq, and that Iraq was an integral part of the war on terrorism".

He mistakenly assumed that the American people wouldn't be able to differentiate between the "real enemy" [Al Qaeda] and a "Middle East Tyrant" [Saddam].

But, there is a real difference.  One is clearly worth fighting and dying for.....the other, to use a Kerry-ism, was merely a "nuisance" that needed to be "contained".

And, when we failed to find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, and with Osama still "foot-loose and fancy-free" (with, apparently, his own mobile TV studio), Bush's re-election chances went from "slim to none".

So, what will we learn from this election?

That no matter how many political attack ads you run, reality always triumphs over rhetoric.

And that a "hack-politician", like Kerry, can become President of the United States, just by "telling the truth". What a concept!

óBruce Bressack

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