Boomers — When They Leave Home
It's 9:00 PM. You can shut the porch light now. No late nights anymore [tossing and turning] waiting for them to come home.

And while you're at it, throw out the Mickey Nightlight, the Cabbage Patch Lamp, and the trunk full of Legos.  All that stuff won't "fit into" the new 'guest bedroom' anyway.

That's right, they've left home and you won't see them until Thanksgiving!

It had to happen sooner or later.  Pushing them out of the nest was your duty as a parent, but, guess's still OK to miss them.

Were you expecting that call for advice?

Sorry, but this isn't Kansas anymore. They're 'on their own', and they can 'make their own way' in the 'big city'.

And they have just the right stuff to make it.  Here's the "if they can make it there, they can make it anywhere" checklist ---

Good Upbringing [this will get them through the first day...and every day for the rest of their lives].

Family Values [good for that first interview, and every friendship and relationship they'll have...for the rest of their lives].

Education [just can't get enough of that funky stuff].

Common Sense [which comes in handy when gut feel just don't feel right].

So what's next?  Grandchildren you say? 

Better get that Mickey Nightlight and Cabbage Patch Lamp out of the dumpster!

And I hear you can build a darn good guest bedroom with Legos...

óBruce Bressack


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