Boomers — Baby Boomers Bust Out

16 Tons, what do you get?

Well, you can do the math, but I think it still adds up to "another day older, and deeper in debt"......and, math aside, we still wind up owing our soul to the 'company store'.

Baby Boomers were born at "just the right time".

Some were idealistic, defiant, and anti-establishment, while others tried desperately to "fit in" (while retaining their values, aspirations, and dreams).

We all felt we could 'change the world'......if only we could wake up before noon.

Then, we eventually became 'The Establishment'.

We 'infiltrated' the workforce, married our 'soul mates', [sometimes, more than one], raised children, and went about chasing the American Dream.

Was it worth it?  For the answer, you may have to dust off the old Betamax and 'fire-up' your 35mm Carousel Slide Projector.

The memories should all come flooding back...

...the good times...

...the difficult times...

...the times in between...

...while the 'Times of Your Life' soundtrack plays quietly in the background.

So, 'show-of-hands' baby boomers....was it worth it?

Come on, get those hands up...put down your micro-brewery beer and Wall Street Journal...raise those hands high, and be proud of what you've accomplished.

Yes, there's way more to go...but now it's finally your turn.  It's time for the "Baby Boomers to Bust Out!"

Here's the "well-thought-out" (and instantly appealing) plan:

- If you can afford to, "Take Early Retirement"

- If you can't afford to, "Take Early Retirement"

- Do what makes you (and your current soul mate) happy

- Follow your dreams and be selfish (in a generous way)

- Sha, La, La, La, La, La, Live for Today!

And don't forget to tell the company store that you're all paid up, and you want your soul back!

óBruce Bressack

2004 HippoPress LLC | Manchester, NH