Music — Averi, The Everyone Band
Averi, The Everyone Band

By Bruce Bressack   [Feb 27, 2005]

Did I mention that I'll be 54 in August? Then "what", you may ask, "was I doing at the Paradise in Boston last evening?"

Catching Averi.

Better put — getting caught up with the rest of the music lovers and followers in New England.

So why is Averi so appealing......and why are my ears still ringing, in that good sort of way? Well, for starters, their music cuts through the generations.

Case in point — the Paradise was filled with college kids (make that college adults), as well as mid-lifers (and older!). And everyone, it seemed, was on the same page — we were moved by the honesty, integrity, and power of Averi's music.

Rarely will you find a band that can touch all ages. It's no small feat. Name another band, besides 'The Beatles', that had "young" people, and the "not-so-young", singing and moving to the same tunes.

No, I'm not saying that Averi are the next Beatles. But, when you see the whole room singing along with the band, you know you've come across something special.

And, as good, and well-recorded, as their new CD 'Drawn To Revolving Doors' is, it really doesn't do full justice to the band. It's all about performance, and touching an audience. And Averi, live, does this in spades.

So, you'll just have to catch an Averi show to appreciate their heart and spirit. Then, when you listen to the CD, you'll truly get it.

I did, and I'm glad I took the time........even though my ears are still ringing (in that good sort of way)!

—Bruce Bressack

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