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We Ain't Making Sausages Here

By Robert Greene

He ain’t writing sausage

Long-time strategist offers his political memoir


“Marshall Cobleigh is one of the great characters in American politics and one of the great storytellers,” says CNN commentator Bob Novak on the back of Cobleigh’s new book We Ain’t Making Sausage Here.

Cobleigh retired in 1996, after 33 years in the New Hampshire and Washington, D.C. political arenas. His career included four years as speaker of the New Hampshire House (1968-1972), a stint as administrative assistant to Gov. Mel Thomson, two-times as delegate for Barry Goldwater and many years as chief of staff to Congressman Bill Zeliff.

“A lot of people have said that I can get anyone elected but myself,” Cobleigh said.

Now 74, Cobleigh, a self-described moderate Republican, lives in a senior-housing complex in Manchester.. The book includes 33 years worth of deal-making, personal anecdotes, insights and political cartoons.

Cobleigh will sell and sign copies of his new book from 2 to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 7 at McGarvey’s on Elm Street, a pub the pol described as his “living room.” Cobleigh said he gets out to the bar a couple times a week, as his health and time allows. In case you are in a buying mood, Cobleigh drinks light beer these days.

McGarvey’s is located at 1097 Elm St. You can buy the book there, at Cobleigh’s website or wait until it hits the bookstores in a month or so. The hardcover, 316 pages, will set you back $19.95.

- Robert Greene

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