Art — Two-continent painting exhibit opens

By Dan Donahue

Morgan says he is inspired by Bretagne, France and classical dance

Oil paintings of contemporary dancers and French landscapes are what you will find at Gerald Morgan’s new exhibit in the Beliveau Art Gallery at the Franco-American Centre (FAC).

The exhibit opened Wednesday, June 8, to a small crowd made up primarily of members of the FAC. The attendants admired the artist’s work while enjoying food and wine. The artist, accompanied by his wife, spoke with onlookers and answered questions. Adèle Baker, the president of the FAC, introduced Morgan and he gave an impromptu speech. When asked what inspired him, Morgan cited the  Bretagne region of France and contemporary dance, although he is not a dancer himself.

“If I were a younger man I would look on it as a possibility,” Morgan said.

The exhibit, titled “Bretagne to Tennessee: Landscape and Dance,” is a fair mix of landscapes and dancers. Many of the dancers are set in Morgan’s garden in Tennessee. Most of the landscapes are from Bretagne, a northwestern region of France. Morgan’s paintings capture the movement of their subjects, making his work energetic. They also possess strong colors, usually blues and greens, which are made more vivid by underlying contrasts.

Former FAC director Yvonne Bresnahan, who was in attendance, invited Gerald Morgan to show at the Franco-American Centre.

 “I’m pleased that he was able to come here even with his upcoming exhibit in France,” Bresnahan said. Dick Charpentier, another art fan, said of the exhibit, “We get all kinds of art here. Sometimes it’s great and sometimes it isn’t. My favorite is the one down at the end, the gal on the bench.”

Of the event, Morgan said, “I’ve been to many of these. Sometimes there are a lot of people, sometimes there aren’t … but you can’t do it for the money or the success. You do it because you want to.”

Gerald Morgan’s work will be on display at the Beliveau Art Gallery in the Franco-American Centre located at 52 Concord St. until July 29. The gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call 669-4045 for more information.

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