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Space: Noon on the Monday prior to Publication
Material: 5p.m. on the Monday prior to Publication

Hippo is broken down into modular ad sizes:
Full Page: 10.25"(W) x 13"(H)
Vertical 1/2 Page: 5"(W) x 12.75"(H)
Horizontal 1/2 Page: 10.25"(W) x 6.25"(H)
Vertical 1/4 Page: 2.375"(W) x 12.75"(H)
Horizontal 1/4 Page: 5"(W) x 6.25"(H)
Vertical 1/8 Page: 2.375"(W) x 6.25"(H)
Horizontal 1/8 Page: 5"(W) x 3"(H)

Run of Paper Rates

Run 1x: Weekly one-time rates (no discount)
Rate are per ad , per week.
Full Page: $1,727
1/2 Page: $864
1/4 Page: $431
1/8 Page: $216
1/16 Page: $128

Run 8x: 8 ads for 8 consecutive weeks
(20% discount applies)
Rate are per ad , per week.
Full Page: $1,382
1/2 Page: $691
1/4 Page: $345
1/8 Page: $173
1/16 Page: $102

Run 16x :16 ads for 16 consecutive weeks
(30% discount applies) Rate are per ad , per week.
Full Page: $1,209
1/2 Page: $605
1/4 Page: $302
1/8 Page: $151
1/16 Page: $90

Run 24x: 24 ads for 24 consecutive weeks(40% discount applies) Rate are per ad , per week.
Full Page: $1,036
1/2 Page: $518
1/4 Page: $259
1/8 Page: $130
1/16 Page: $77

Run 52x: 52 ads for 52 consecutive weeks (50% discount applies). Rate are per ad , per week
Full Page: $863
1/2 Page: $432
1/4 Page: $216
1/8 Page: $108
1/16 Page: $64

Non-consecutive rates are available from your account representative. Please call 603-625-1855 and ask to speak with an advertising representative, if you don't have one. A PDF version of the rate sheet is available here.

Frequency Discounts
Frequency Discounts available on runs of consecutive ads. Advertiser must run contract edad for the full period of the contract. Advertisers must pay for ads before they run.

Non-Profit Discounts
Non-Profits may qualify for additional frequency discounts. Political organizations, universities, hospitals, and large non-profits do not qualify for this discount.

Mechanical Specifications
HippoPress uses a PC platform. Please email ads to Acceptable Formats: .pdf (200 dpi), .tif (PC format, 300 dpi), .jpg (400 dpi). Those sending Word, PageMaker and other non-standard documents please call ahead. HippoPress only accepts PMTs or camera ready slicks electronically. Color advertisements should be CMYK. The Hippo runs a line screen of 90, please compensate for a 15% dot gain.

All advertisers must prepay for advertising unless otherwise noted. There are no discounts for prepayment.

Agency Discount
All rates are gross. We offer a 15% agency commission.

20% surcharge to guarantee position


Audience: 175,000
Cumulative 4-issue Audience
Based on market research performed by Media Audit in southern New Hampshire and the Boston DMA. Media Audit measures how many people read Hippo in a four week period, counting each reader only one time.

Every Thursday. Almost all papers are picked up by Saturday morning.

Pick-up Locations: 1200+
Retail outlets, all major supermarkets, restaurants, workplaces, apartment complexes and street boxes in metro southern New Hampshire. (25 miles radius of Manchester)

Audited By
Media Audit

Circulation: 32,000*
Hippo uses a controlled distribution system to track circulation and is audited by an independent company, Media Audit. This process ensures that newspapers are being picked up at each location. Spot checks are performed randomly to confirm circulation numbers. Returns vary each week from 1% to 3%.

At Hippo it's about readers, not paper
Circulation is not a good way to measure a free paper

Print is not all the same. Free newspapers, both daily and weekly, are a very different kind of print than paid daily newspapers or paid magazines. Free papers essentially broadcast their product in a geographic area, hoping people will pick it up.

Circulation can be crudley measured by counting returns, but the advertiser has no way of knowing where those papers are going or if they are even going to be read.

It seems reasonable then to use a different form of measurement for free papers. At Hippo we continue to count returns to make sure we aren't paying more in printing costs than we have to, but we feel a system similar to that of radio or television makes more sense in measuring our audience. For that reason, we use Media Audit — the only media polling service available in this market on a consistent basis. Media Audit polls residents of southern New Hampshire about their reading habits, consuption and demographic information. It is an independent polling company that competes with Arbritron and Scarborough Research.

Based on those numbers we know who is reading our paper, where they live and how much they earn. This information is helpful in two ways. First it allows the editorial staff to tailor the paper to the reader and second it gives our advertisers a demographic picture of who our readers are. This helps advertisers tailor their message to our readers and helps deternmine if Hippo is an appropriate place to reach potential customers. For example, Hippo would not be the most effective way to reach hearing aid buyers, but is a great place to reach first -time home buyers and empty nesters.


Ad Placement
To inquire about placing an ad, contact the advertising dept. at (603) 625-1855 Ext. 13 or via email at


Other advertising products offered
Outdoor billboards
Printing and insert program

Hippo Advertising Personnel

Sales Manager
Charlene Cesarini, 603-625-1855, Ext.26

Bob Tole, 603-625-1855, Ext.27

Rick Carr, Ext.42

Tony Cesarini, Ext.33

Jill Raven, 603-625-1855, Ext.44

Alyse Savage, call 603-493-2026

To place a classified ad: Ext.25 or go to Classifieds.