April 12, 2007


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Pinings: E-lationships
by Sherry Hughes sah103@hotmail.com

Dear Pinings,
I started a relationship with a guy Iíll call Bill. Iíve known him for a long time, but only on the Internet and phone. We wrote and talked almost every day but after a while, I realized that he wasnít good about e-mailing on the weekends, which made me think he was married. I asked him and he said no, absolutely not, he was single.

He did spend a lot of time on the phone with me, so I believed him.

About a month ago, he stopped all contact for almost a week. He said he was out of town on business, but I think heís lying. Heís never mentioned traveling for business and also, why wouldnít he have access to the Internet or his cell phone?

When I confronted him this time, he got very angry and said that if I didnít trust him completely, we were finished. And he never answered my questions.

I said fine, and we havenít spoken since.

The problem is that I really miss him. It wasnít like any other relationship I ever had. Iím tempted to call him or write to him just to see how heís doing, but Iím afraid he will be mad and hang up.

Dear Ticely,
When you get attached to someone, for whatever reason, there is a void when they are gone. Since you never actually met this man, a big piece of your relationship was missing. He could be 50 years older than you think he is. He could be married, engaged, living with someone or the father of 13 children. He could be unemployed. He could be a criminal, an alcoholic, a drug dealer or a drug addict.

What you probably miss is the attention, the contact, the thrill of getting to know someone.

You can find that again, but Iím going to suggest that you look for someone who you can meet in person at some point and know sitting face to face. Thereís nothing wrong with Internet dating but the reality is often different from the fantasy people create online.

Sherry Hughes welcomes letters from readers at sah103@hotmail.com

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